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2018 Festival Dates April 6 - 9
   Special Fall Screenings in Partnership with the Fox Cinema    
Vampyr 1932
Directed by Carl T Dreyer
Live accompaniment by Laura Sgroi
“One of Cinema’s greatest nightmares”
"I wanted to create a waking dream on screen and show that horror is not to be found in the things around us but in our own subconscious,” said Danish film-maker Carl Theodor Dreyer, who loosely adapted Sheridan Le Fanu's two stories, Carmilla and The Room in the Dragon Volant, for the film. His use of shadows, light and atmosphere create a disturbing film, one that seems to constantly be in a state between dream and reality. Vampyr was made early in the development of sound technology and the aesthetics of the film are dedicated to the silent epoch. We return it to its natural silent film state with live music. The dialogue was minimal at best, and with English subtitling, nothing is lost.
Plus: The Fall of the House of Usher 1928
Directed by James S Watson & Melville Weber
With nods to Caligari, Der Golem and Faust, this avant-garde ode to German Expressionism is a fantastical montage of imagery designed to encapsulate the claustrophobia and instability in Poe’s classic morbid tale.
Buster Keaton: 100 Years in Film Celebration
The General 1926
Live Piano Accompaniment
“There were two loves in his life. His engine and his sweetheart Annabelle.”
So when the American Civil War starts and his train gets stolen with Annabelle aboard, there’s only one thing for engineer Johnny Gray to do.
Give chase.
Considered by most critics and fans to be Buster Keaton’s greatest achievement, The General’s array of sight gags, twists and turns have been blowing audiences away for nearly a century.
Plus: An assortment of other Keaton shorts that will surprise and delight
toronto theatre organ society
November 6th 8pm
Kimbourne Park United Church
200 Wolverleigh Blvd. (5 minute walk from Coxwell Station)
Street Parking available
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1927
Directed by F W Murnau
George O’Brien, Janet Gaynor
Bill O’Meara on the historic made-in-Canada Casavant Freres Organ
$25 tickets available at www.ttos.ca
Advance tickets available soon from The Fox Theatre


Thank you to the 2017 volunteers!
You're the best, and we couldn't do the festival without you.
Thank you to Susan, Alex, Joanna, Mike, Lucy, Susan, David, Elizabeth, Sean, Fernanda, and Charles.

Photo collage: Maureen Nolan

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