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Contact Us / Credits

Toronto SILENT FILM Festival

140 Rhodes Ave.
Toronto ON
Canada M4L 3A1


Media Contact: Shirley Hughes

Interested in becoming a sponsor, or perhaps you would like to help out by purchasing an ad in one (or all) of our programme notes...
the Toronto SILENT FILM Festival would love to hear from you.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out. You’ll get a nifty t-shirt and be able to see some amazing films too.
Please email us with your full name, email contact info, main telephone contact number and any prior experience at festivals that you may have had (not a perquisite). Our volunteer manager will contact you with more information. You privacy is important to us, so note that your contact info will never be shared and will only be used internally. While we appreciate everyone contacting us, being on the contact list will not guarantee you of a shift and consideration will be given to those who have volunteered with us before.

2017 Cast of Characters

Festival Directors: Shirley Hughes, Marc Wonnacott
Art Director/Designer/Webmaster:  Marc Wonnacott
Film Programme: Shirley Hughes, Chris Seguin (Comedy)
Susan O’Hara & Susan Mclean and the finest group of volunteers any festival could have

Writers: Chris Seguin, Beth Ann Gallagher, Christina Stewart, Donna Hill
Musical Artists: Bill O’Meara, Ben Model, Jordan Klapman, Clark Wilson

Piano Wrangler: Bill Lasovich
Raffle Support: Karelia Kitchen,  BMV Annex, Vintage Film Festival, My Cinema Lightbox, TIFF Gives

Sponsors, Supporters, Suppliers & Other Good People Who Inspire
Toronto Arts Council
Clarity Accounting
AMIA Toronto (Association of Moving Image Archivists)
Christina Stewart, Nathan Moles
The Creative Team at Red Lion Media Agency
Azure Productions
The Projectionists at the Royal, Innis Town Hall, Revue &  Fox
The Fox Theatre: Daniel Demois, Andy Willick, Jessica Maxwell; Manager
The Revue Cinema: Board of Directors, Eric Veillette; Programming Director
Royal Cinema: Simon Vidoczy; Theatre Administrator
Innis Town Hall: Eyan Logan
Plus Printing
The Anderson Press
Crucial Pins
T-Shirt Guys
Long and McQuade
Greg Woods (The G Man), Maureen Nolan
Reg Hartt

Vintage Film Festival

David Shepard

And Silent Film fans across the planet

Prints Courtesy of:

Flicker Alley

Josh Morrison
Lobster Films
Serge Bromberg
Maria Chiba
Michael Daruty, Sr. Vice President, Global Media Operations
Janice Simpson, Director, Content Governance & Preservation
Christian Bergeron
Mary Pickford Foundation
Board of Directors
Elaina Archer, Director of Archive & Legacy


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