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Experience "LIVE" Cinema
"Where Images and Music do the talking"
Experience "LIVE" Cinema
"Where Images and Music do the talking"
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Friday April 5, 2019
Revue Cinema,

Shiraz: A Romance of India 1928 India/Germany/Great Britain 106min –Canadian Restoration Premiere
Loosely based on the immortal 17th Century romance between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, this jewel of early Indian cinema is the striking and heartbreaking tale behind the creation of one of the world’s most iconic structures: the Taj Mahal.
Shot entirely on location in India, including the ancient fort at Agra, this sweeping epic feature lavish costumes and exquisite architecture made all the more impressive by a stunning restoration by the BFI National Archive.
Produced by and starring Indian film legend Himanshu Rai, the film is performed by an all-Indian cast, and features Rai as the humble potter Shiraz, who spends his life searching for his childhood sweetheart Selima after she’is kidnapped and sold by slave traders to the future emperor.
The festival is proud to host a world premiere of a new score by the renowned Toronto based Ensemble Polaris
$15 Early Bird until January 31
$17 in Advance, $20 at the Door Buy Tickets

Saturday April 6, 2019
Revuel Cinema

1000 Laffs: When Stan Met Ollie 110min
Before there was even a first “another nice mess”, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy each spent a decade as cinematic soloists until destiny (with a little help from the Hal Roach Studios) united them as what would ultimately become the world’s most beloved comedy duo.
This 5 film programme includes a series of solo shorts leading up to their ultimate pairing, including one of the earliest existing screen appearances of “Babe” Hardy (unseen for over 100 years!) and the debut of the British Film Institute’s restoration of Mabel Normand and Oliver Hardy in SHOULD MEN WALK HOME?, right up to the history-in-the-making moment when they donned their dual derbies for the very first time.
Programmed by Chris Seguin, BFI
Accompaniment: Jordan Klapman
$15 -$12 Senior/Student Buy Tickets

Revue Cinema

The Temptress 1926 USA 90min
Director: Fred Niblo
Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno, Lionel Barrymore
A director once said of Garbo that she had a rapport with an audience…that she could let them know she was thinking things, and thinking them uncensored. The Temptress shows us that even at the young age of 21, she had this quality and could hold audiences eyes like no other. As Elena, the exotic beauty in a loveless marriage, she attracts men to her flame. And just like moths, men burn. Opening in the decadence of a Parisian masked ball, Elena meets Robledo who declares his love for her only to be crushed at finding her married. He flees to Argentina only to have her reappear years later with fatal results.  William Daniels beautiful lighting and cinematography teams perfectly with the Garbo allure.
Programmed by Christina Stewart, Assistant Archivist, Media Commons
Accompaniment: Marilyn Lerner

Sunday April 7, 2019
Royal Cinema, 608 College St. Toronto
1:00 pm

Skinners Dress Suit 1926 USA 70min Canadian Restoration Premiere
Director: William Seiter
Reginald Denny, Laura La Plante
Skinner and his wife Honey are trying to live the American dream of upward mobility. But when Skinner gets turned down for a raise, he doesn’t have the heart to tell his wife. Meanwhile, Honey has spent that phantom raise on snappy new clothes so they can attend a swanky party. Things start to get a bit out of control.  She becomes the social darling but he loses his job and the race to evade creditors is on! Moved along by some zippy direction, this frothy romantic comedy showcases why Reginald Denny & Laura La Plante were such popular stars. Don’t forget your dancing shoes for the Savannah Shuffle!
Programmed in Association with Universal Pictures & Emily Evans
Accompaniment: Tania Gill

Please note: The Moonshiners will now screen as part of our 3:15 screening

PLUS: The Moonshiners 2017 Finland 15min
Director: Juho Kuosmanen
The first fiction film made in Finland has been lost for many decades so acclaimed director Juho (Prix de Certain Regard winner at Cannes for The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki) decided to remake it based on the original synopsis.
The children of Scrap-Mattila inherit all the essentials for a good life: moonshine equipment and a pig. As they embark on their journey, they put their inheritance to good use. Full of dry Finnish humour, this modern silent speaks to the power that silent films still hold.
Programmed by Otto Kylmälä, Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Finland’s Loud Silents
$15 -$12 Senior/Student Buy Tickets

Royal Cinema, 608 College St. Toronto
3:15 pm

Celebrating 100 Years of United Artists & the Re-Publication of Douglas Fairbanks: The Fourth Musketeer
When the Clouds Roll By 1919 USA 85min
Director: Victor Fleming
Douglas Fairbanks, Kathleen Clifford, Frank Campeau
We’re all familiar with the classic image of Douglas Fairbanks as the swashbuckling hero of Thief of Bagdad, Black Pirate and The Mark of Zorro.  But the foundation of his fame was as a popular romantic comedy lead, first on stage and then in a series of crowd pleasing films.  Throughout the 1919-1920 period, he boldly commenced on a dizzying series of events that altered his career trajectory, his personal life and changed the course of Hollywood film history.
This was the second film Fairbanks released through United Artists and it was one of the last of his popular “coat and tie” films. Doug plays a comically superstitious man who is under the influence of a rather mad scientist neighbour. Starting with a striking and memorable fantastic nightmare scene (complete with giant vegetables) It quickly romps through some dazzling action and comedy sequences including a completely bizarre nightmare sequence caused by his midnight snack of spring onions, lobster, welsh rarebit and mince pie! It’s a dazzling off- the- wall spree of comedic action full of classic Fairbanks charm, humour and quite a number of leaps and bounds.

The film will be preceded by a talk on Fairbanks and United Artists. Special Guest TBA in conversation with Eileen Whitfield moderated by Geoff Pevere.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kelly Smoot will be unable to attend the festival.

Accompaniment: Bill O’Meara

Programmed by Kelley Smoot, editor of Douglas Fairbanks, The Fourth Musketeer

Monday April 8, 2019
Roncesvalles United Church, 214 Wright Ave.
7:30 pm
Toronto Theatre Organ Society presents

Love of Jeanne Ney 1927 Germany 100 min
Director: G. W. Pabst
Edith Jehanne, Uno Henning, Brigitte Helm, Fritz Rasp
An unjustly forgotten masterwork by Pabst (Pandora’s Box) is an evocative mix of realism, German expressionism and Soviet montage driven by superb performances from the cast and stunning camerawork. Lovers from both sides in the Russian Civil War struggle to reunite through the explosive political upheaval and moral chaos of that time.  
Programmed by Pamela Hutchinson, a UK-based freelance writer, critic & film historian who contributes regularly to the Guardian and Sight & Sound. She edits and is the author of the BFI Film Classic on GW Pabst’s Pandora's Box (1929). Follow her @SilentLondon
Organ Accompaniment: Bill O’Meara
$17 in Advance from Toronto Theatre Organ Society
$20 at the Door (cash only)


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