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The 11th Toronto SILENT FILM Festival
We're working on reviving the festival with the 2020 lineup this November. Stay tuned for more news.
All  2020 Advance Passes & Tickets will be honoured in 2021 or...
*Donate your Ticket back. Your pass/ticket will be in turn donated forward to a worthy organization for re-distribution
* Need a Refund?  Email using the handy form at the bottom of the page with REFUND and your name in the subject line. Please tell us your ticket or pass title, what platform you paid from (ie. PayPal) and the approximate purchase date.
Expand your cinematic horizons by joining our new ZOOM online presentations. Special guests lend their fresh perspectives and keen insights on the films, the productions and the actors. Each film will have new scores by played by Jordan Klapman

Comedy Programmer Chris Seguin in conversation with Brent E. Walker, author of Mack Sennett's The Fun Factory
Accompaniment: Jordan Klapman
Part 1: Keystone Studios
Recreation 1914 The quintessential Keystone: A tramp, a cop, a pretty girl, a lake...and some bricks
The Speed Kings 1913 Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Roscoe Arbuckle  Mabel has her hands full when she and her protective dad arrive at a road race and there's some handsome, dashing drivers catching her eye.
Part 2: Sennett Studios
The Dare-Devil 1923 Ben Turpin becomes the go-to guy for stunts on a film set. Too bad he hasn't a clude what he's doing. Del Lord directs
Fiddlesticks 1927 Harry Langdon, Vernon Dent  Harry's music lessons brings out the beast in everyone within ear-shot until an enterprising guy uses those "talents" to make money.
Galloping Bungalows 1924 Billy Bevan  "Rich widow seeks husband with best moustache". Well, what man could resist THAT! Hold onto your seatbelts, that's just the start of a wild ride devolving into a chaotic chase with portable house, fire engines, cars galore and, of course, trains.
Huge thanks to Paul Gierucki for the use of his restorations!

Admission: PWYC Donation* / Free
*Suggested donation $10 per household. If you choose to donate, you will be contributing towards performance fees for our accompanist. Any amount is gratefully received but we understand that circumstances may be that some guests may not be able to donate.
All presentations will be on ZOOM and are best viewed on computers or mobile devices. *Viewing on Smart TVs will require you to hook up your device via HDMI cable and mirror the image onscreen.


Special guest Marcelline Block, an award winning film historian, Princeton University lecturer, author and editor.

SEPTEMBER-date to be announced
BEAUTY'S WORTH with Marion Davies
Special guest, archivist Christina Stewart

Looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2021.
We're in the process of rebuilding our webiste   website...
Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 festival, and for your patience during the uncertainty of 2020.
We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone each year.
We would also like to thank all our outstanding volunteers, without whom we couldn't do this, the venues and their staff, and those businesses that help support the festival.

Friends of the Festival
Steve Teppermann  Christina Stewart  Nathan Moles  Alan Jay Nuttall  Nancy Beiman  Jon Arnold  Sharleen Rayner  James Dobos  Vanessa Buttino  Vintage Film Festival Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema  Patricia Nolan-Hall  Rachel Beattie  Jennifer Archer

Fox Theatre

In 2019 the Festival supported the following organizations with their fundraising efforts:
 Wychwood Open Door
Toronto’s First Post Office
Vintage Film Festival
Gatsby Garden Party
 Women in Film & Television-Toronto (WIFT)

  The Festival was proud to support the following silent film events  in 2019 as co-presenters
May 9/12 Toronto Jewish Film Festival screenings of Carl Laemmle & The  Cohens and the Kellys
May 26/27 The Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York U screenings of  Moon of Israel & City Without Jews with Gerhard Gruber accompanying
June 22/23 Spadina Museum Gatsby Garden Party
June 27 Movies in Old Town Toronto screening of Sherlock Jr with Fern  Lindzon accompanying
August 14 Mulan International Film Festival screening of The Goddess
September 27/28/29 Supporting  The annual Vintage Film Festival in Port Hope
Go here to see the films we will be showing at the festival.

Throughout the year we partner with Toronto's historic Fox Theatre. Follow the link below to find out what the programming for the coming year will be.
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“Hurry Lulu -- we're going to the movies! ”Tote Bag $15 (including tax) + shipping
If you donate $50 or more this year, we’ll send you a Tote Bag as a Thank You
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Become a Friend Of The Festival.
As a not for profit, volunteer run Festival, we rely heavily on ticket sales for the majority of our budget.
No matter what the amount of your donation, it is important to us and 100% will go back into programming.
All donators will be listed on our website by name (or if you wish to stay anonymous, just ask).
At present, we are not a registered charity so we cannot issue a charitable tax receipt.

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© Toronto SILENT FILM Festival 2010-2021
© Toronto SILENT FILM Festival 2010-2021
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